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RPAC is committed to supporting education and empowering the youth in our service areas. This year, we are delighted to announce the availability of scholarships for deserving seniors who are pursuing higher education.


  • $750 Scholarships for College/University Attendees: We will be awarding three scholarships, each worth $750, to seniors attending colleges or universities in our service areas (St. Charles, St. James & St. John the Baptist). These scholarships are designed to ease the financial burden of pursuing higher education.

  • New for This Year - $500 Scholarships for Community College, Trade, or Vocational School Attendees: In addition to the traditional scholarships, we are introducing a new category. Three $500 scholarships will be awarded to seniors attending community colleges, trade schools, or vocational schools, recognizing the diverse pathways to success.

We encourage applicants to carefully follow the instructions, including the submission of official transcripts. The deadline for submission of all documents is Sunday, March 3, 2024.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) What should I do if I miss the deadline?  

Any applicants and transcripts that are received after the deadline are considered ineligible and will not be scored.

2) Are official transcripts really needed?

Yes.  In order for applications to be deemed eligible, they must include an official transcript received by the deadline.

3) Do I have to attend school in St. Charles, St. James, or St. John the Baptist Parish in order to apply?

No, applicants must be a resident of either St. Charles, St. James, or St. John the Baptist Parish in order to apply.

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